HAPPY "HOLI-DAZE", PT. 4 (BF #850)
7th Dec 2022, 8:00 PM
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HAPPY "HOLI-DAZE", PT. 4 (BF #850)
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Author Notes:
Bubble and Pepper made their way to the Diwali booth! Largely celebrated in India, Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights and among the traditions are lighting candles in holders called Diyas. Our rhino pal Ravi was quite excited about building the world's largest diya to mark the occasion, but his lazy brother, Sanjay, just couldn't remember the matches! Luckily, Pepper is a dragon and the spicy curry he sampled was just what the brothers needed together things lit up! Bubble and Pepper are off to a hot start, but will they cool down at the next booth? Come back Tuesday and find out!
User comments:
Picpak (Guest)
Pepper always knows how to spice things up!
At least Pepper's heartburn came in handy.