HAPPY "HOLI-DAZE", PT. 6 (BF #852)
14th Dec 2022, 8:00 PM
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HAPPY "HOLI-DAZE", PT. 6 (BF #852)
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Author Notes:
Feliz Navidad CRAZIES!!! While Christmas Day is indeed on Dec 25, the actually gift giving way back when traditionally didn't happen until January 6 as that was the day the Three Wise Men reached the manger. It's a tradition most bypass as folks want their gifts fast and now! But if you live in an area with a Catholic or Orthodox Christian influence, such as Latin America, Jan 6 is the day, and a grand party is held! Among the festivities is the King Cake, or Rosca de Reyes. Similar in taste to a cinnamon roll, they are often decorated in the colors of purple, green and yellow using either colored sugars, candied fruit or candied cactus leaves. A small baby doll is placed within the cake and whoever gets the slice has to host the next party that kicks off Lent! Pepper got the baby, now Bubble has to host! Hope his pantry's stocked! Bubble and Pepper are getting closer to Christmas here! What holiday magic is next on their agenda? Come back Tuesday and see!
User comments:
RG2Cents (Guest)
Hahaha! I had forgotten what finding the baby meant!
Picpak (Guest)
Quiero ir a la fiesta de Bubble! XD
RG2Cents (Guest)
Yo tambiƩn
Bubble wasn't quite ready for a party. LOL