HAPPY "HOLI-DAZE", PT. 8 (BF #854)
21st Dec 2022, 8:00 PM
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HAPPY "HOLI-DAZE", PT. 8 (BF #854)
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Author Notes:
Well, I guess there is that always-cool aspect about Christmas: Presents! As you get older, you certainly do appreciate the other things, like family and festivities, much more. But as a kid, you just wanna tear the wrapping paper off and go to town! And then ultimately play with the box first! But that's okay. As Pepper gets older, he'll come too appreciate the other traditions more too. Hopefully y'all appreciate the Easter eggs I hid in this comic. Easter eggs you say? In a Christmas comic? That's just how I roll y'all! And they aren't literal Easter eggs! Just a few hidden nods to friends. There are three hidden about the panels and bonus points go to whoever spots all of them!

Only two comics left in 2022! How will it all end and just where are those darn Easter eggs hidden? Come back Tuesday and find out! Until then, Merry Christmas y'all!
User comments:
Picpak (Guest)
Now that's my kind of coffee! And also my favourite kind of cereal and lollipop! XD
Glad he was so good this year! Hey, I found two but having trouble with the third one. Looking forward to finding out about that one! Merry Christmas, man! 🎄