26th Dec 2022, 8:00 PM
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Author Notes:
Well, that's one way to recycle your old Christmas tree! Seriously though folks, they are highly flammable, so dispose of them properly at a tree recycling lot! It's environmentally sound and, best of all, free mulch! And the answers to last Thursday's hidden Easter eggs were the box of Crunchy Bunches cereal as a nod to my good friend Scott Warren, a Picpak Dog coffee mug to pay homage to my dear pal Kim Belding, and Pepper is wearing a pair of Lollipop pajamas as a tribute to my wonderful friend Jennifer Cuthbert! One big happy webcomic family here!

And that's all folks! One comic left in 2022! How will Bubble and Pepper end the year? Come back Thursday and see!
User comments:
Ah! The Crunchy Bunches was the only one I didn't get! I'll look up Scott Warren right away!
Picpak (Guest)
Thanks again for the shoutout, Jon!
If I had a house with a fireplace and needed to get rid of a tree, I'd just use the fireplace.