THE ROAD TO 2023!!! (BF #856)
28th Dec 2022, 8:00 PM
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THE ROAD TO 2023!!! (BF #856)
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Author Notes:
How will Bubble and Pepper end 2022? By riding high into 2023! I'm not particularly good at drawing vehicles, but I think Bubble's roadster came out pretty good all things considering. Credit must be given to Scott Warren for this as his recent BUBBLE FOX guest comic really inspired today's comic. And while I'm doling out credit here, Jennifer Cuthbert also deserves a lot of credit for inspiring me to take a more cultural approach to BF's holiday story this year. Both Scott and Jenn are amazing artists and people and I'm honored to call them friends.

And that's a wrap on 2022! We'll back next week to kick off our first storyline of 2023! So be sure to come back and take a look!
User comments:
Pealin' out all the way into next week! 😄
Picpak (Guest)
This car came out great! I hate drawing 'em too! XD