KATY DID, PT. 1 (BF #875)
6th Mar 2023, 8:00 PM
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KATY DID, PT. 1 (BF #875)
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Author Notes:
Welcome to March CRAZIES!!! A new month means a new story! Why, things are so new we're even gonna give one of our side characters their first solo story! Since her first appearance in the spring of 2020, Katy Coyote has popped up quite a few times in other stories and has proven to be quite popular! So it only seems right to give this cute but VERY feral child a tale of her own. Or is that a TAIL? Either way, she's wandering off now. Where will she wind up? Come back Thursday and see!
User comments:
Picpak (Guest)
It's a tail as old as time! XD
Wheeeeeeeeee coyotes!