CRACK-UPS, PT. 2 (BF #892)
3rd May 2023, 8:00 PM
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CRACK-UPS, PT. 2 (BF #892)
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Author Notes:
Darn those rogue storm clouds! You never know when they'll strike! And poor Cardigan Corgi. First time in months that she's appeared and her bad luck steak just HAS to follow her! Her glow really is quite striking though! Will Cardigan Corgi be healed in time for the next comic? Probably not. Getting struck by lightning is pretty painful, so we'll have some different stars come in for relief pitching on Tuesday!
User comments:
Picpak (Guest)
Surely this "strikes" Bubble as odd? XD
Some people have good luck streaks. Cardigan has bad luck STRIKES.