LET'S DANCE!!! PT. 7 (BF #153)
22nd Jun 2015, 11:00 PM
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LET'S DANCE!!! PT. 7 (BF #153)
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Author Notes:
Poor Cardigan Corgi. She reminds me of that eager neighbor girl who about to babysit for the first time, totally clueless to the horrors that await! You'd think Gerty would've warned poor Cardigan of Bubble's ineptness being her prize student and all! For those of you with astute eyes and knowledge, you may have noticed an Easter Egg in this strip! Can't find it? It will be revealed on Thursday!
User comments:
pj (Guest)
Ahhh, Jon. You big tease...
J.P. Keslensky (Guest)
Wrap that sweat band on your head
and swing those hips about
dance like crazy till your dead
or throw your back plum out.
Richtoon (Guest)
You have to lose yourself to the dance....Unless you are tap dancing. THAT's just plain crazy.
Mort J. Moose (Guest)
I must have missed this one when it originally came out. I'm so honored.