LET'S DANCE!!! PT. 8 (BF #154)
24th Jun 2015, 11:00 PM
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LET'S DANCE!!! PT. 8 (BF #154)
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Author Notes:
Huh?! What the... He's doing it! Bubble Fox is dancing! But how?!

Oh, and the Easter Egg in the previous comic was on the insane asylum's sign! "Hauke" refers to my good pal Joshua Hauke of the hilarious comic TALES OF THE BROTHERS THREE! When he's not drawing comics about three CRAZY kids, he runs a nursing home for CRAZY cartoon critters! Isn't that nice of Josh?
User comments:
Matt Cole (Guest)
Haha! It's always the tail that goes first - the Bubblefox equivalent of foot tapping! Great stuff Jon
J.P. Keslensky (Guest)
Bubble has some happy feet
that start dancing to the beat
he shakes his tail and swings his rear
that crazy fox has got it in gear.
Bubble found rhythm! yay! Good job Jon!
kitkaridoo (Guest)
^that was me! :)