"HISS" AND HERS PT.1 (BF #215)
29th Feb 2016, 11:00 PM
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"HISS" AND HERS PT.1 (BF #215)
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Author Notes:
Welcome to March CRAZIES! It's time for a new story featuring two of the Forest's favorite side characters: Mr. Gully and Cardigan Corgi! Gully can never find volunteers to help collect snakes and Cardigan's always looking to bolster those oh-so-important college applications. It's a necessary pairing that can only lead to some scaly hijinks, especially when one of those participants doesn't seem so open to handling reptiles!
User comments:
J.P. Keslensky (Guest)
Never ever volunteer
to handle thing that you fear
it's sure to not go so good
runaway, you wish you could