"HISS" AND HERS PT. 6 (BF #220)
16th Mar 2016, 11:00 PM
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"HISS" AND HERS PT. 6 (BF #220)
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Author Notes:
Boy, some snakes can be a royal pain if ya know what I mean! Can't say I blame him though. Mr. Gully should know better than to ask a King to be put on display! In the real world, King Snakes are a VERY helpful snake! They keep a hosts of pests at bay, including rattlesnakes! That s right, these guys EAT one of the world's deadliest creatures! Even more amazing? King Snakes aren't venomous! They can be aggressive though, so it's better to stand back an admire one as opposed to handling one.
User comments:
J.P. Keslensky (Guest)
There was a snake
who was a king
being regal
was his thing,
then one day
the snake was asked
to be displayed
a noble task,
The king said no
I won't do that
so on his thrown
he just sat.
Matt Cole (Guest)
Game of snakes and ladders anyone? Really enjoyed this one Jon
Kit Karidoo (Guest)
hahaha King Snakes have Queens?