SAVE THE EGG PT. 1 (BF #225)
4th Apr 2016, 11:00 PM
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SAVE THE EGG PT. 1 (BF #225)
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Author Notes:
Welcome to April! For over six months now, Bubble has stood guard over a mysterious egg that he found in his pumpkin patch, particularly from a determined Weasel that we now know is named Francis. Well, Francis wants one more "Crack" at the egg (Pun fully intended there!) and has enlisted the help of the ferret underground to get it! Lord Mink is not one one to be trifled with, and his League Of Weasels mean business! What trouble lurks for the guardian fox? FInd out Thursday!
User comments:
Matt Cole (Guest)
I love it - the league of weasels are awesomely bad baddies. Really cool characters Jon!
J.P. Keslensky (Guest)
They're blackguards all
this villain band,
to join together
and lend a hand,
they gnash their chops
and patch their eyes
as the weasel pops
these are nasty guys.
pj (Guest)
Ah yes. That egg. What's up with that egg....
Dana Atnip (Guest)
Those League of Weasels guys look like some serious bad dudes!