SAVE THE EGG PT. 2 (BF #226)
6th Apr 2016, 11:00 PM
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SAVE THE EGG PT. 2 (BF #226)
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Author Notes:
Bubble and pals are having a nice day, blissfully unaware of the storm that approaches. At least Willow's keeping the egg nice and clean. And if there is a chicken in that egg, I can certainly understand why those weasels want it so bad! Think of the drumsticks on it!
User comments:
J.P. Keslensky (Guest)
Bubble has this great big egg
he's had it for a while,
will it hatch the kiddies beg
all he does is smile.

The weasels
they are plotting now
to snatch the egg away,
they want it badly and how
but that's for another day.
Dana Atnip (Guest)
Uh oh! The League of Weasels is on their way! #SaveThEgg