SAVE THE EGG PT. 3 (BF #227)
11th Apr 2016, 11:00 PM
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SAVE THE EGG PT. 3 (BF #227)
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Author Notes:
Oh boy. The storm has arrived! Who knew there were that many weasels in the forest? Crowd shots are never an easy draw for me, so I hope you all can forgive the half-assed effort on the weasel army.
User comments:
pj (Guest)
That's a lot of weasels.
J.P. Keslensky (Guest)
Sometimes you look out on the sky
and there's not much to catch your eye,
it's often like a panoramic easel,
then you spot an ugly weasel
and the thunder sound does grow
to open up a scary show
what once was one, now is many
weasels coming by the plenty !
Mark Stokes (Guest)
That's a WHOLE lotta weasels!!!