23rd Jan 2017, 11:00 PM
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And the last horse, er, dragon, crosses the finish line! You see, years ago, author Peter Dickinson came up with a theory on how dragons flew. Earlier I mentioned how dragons had long been portrayed with small wings on very large bodies. They'd also long been portrayed as eating rocks, metals, gems and other items high in calcium. Dickinson was the one who finally put 2 and 2 together and realized that the dragons' calcium-rich diets were the source of everything really. When the calcium hit their stomachs, it mixed with the acids inside, creating hydrogen. Hydrogen's lighter than air and would thus expand inside the dragon's belly, lightening it's weight and more or less turning it into a blimp! Now those small wings suddenly work! And the legendary fire breath? Well, they can't hold all that gas forever, and hydrogen's extremely combustible, so the fire breath is really just a dragon's belch! This theory even covered why dragon remains don't exist: The leftover hydrogen would burst not long after the beast passed on, thus wiping out the body completely! It's like the dragons were covering all bases!

Sorry for the long lecture, but it's a fascinating theory that actually holds water if you really think about it! For Pepper's purposes though, he now has a means to getting him some cookies before dinner!
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JPKeslensky (Guest)
Dragon facts are fun to learn
If they really exist or not,
Breathing fire enough to burn
the subject is quite hot. .
triforce fandom (Guest)
(insert "I can fly" song)