FOR THE BIRDS, PT. 1 (BF #353)
31st Jul 2017, 10:00 PM
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FOR THE BIRDS, PT. 1 (BF #353)
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Author Notes:
Welcome to August CRAZIES!!! Can you believe that Summer's almost over? Sad as it is, school bells will be ringing again soon. Actually, most schools in Southern California are year-around now, so many kids are already back behind their desks sulking! But fear not! There's still a little bit of fun to be had! And who's more fun than Bubble Fox's long-suffering girlfriend Willow? She's taking those ever-so-mischievous tots, the Ragtags, out on a birdwatch. And as you can see above, they're all gonna have a lot of "Pun" together!
User comments:
JPKeslensky (Guest)
A Carolina Chickadee was eating some seed
While a Downey Woodpecker was hungry indeed
A House Finch was perched on the wood newel
While Starlings were out there stealing her gruel.
Thus is life of the bird watching boy
a pair of binoculars is his favorite toy.

p.j. (Guest)
Love the bat bit.