FOR THE BIRDS, PT. 8 (BF #360)
23rd Aug 2017, 10:00 PM
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FOR THE BIRDS, PT. 8 (BF #360)
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Author Notes:
Eagles are more than patriotic. They also hold deep grudges! Gotta admit, Sap's closing line made me laugh pretty hard while I drew it!

And so ends another BUBBLE FOX storyline. Starting next week, we kick off guest month a little early! It's that time of year again where the CRAZY battery needs a bit of recharging before marching into the fall and holiday seasons! This summer's been a wild one so far and with so much going on and about to go on, I just need a little break. But never fear! Some dear pals from the web comic realm have pledged their time to Bubble and pals so that I can have a little bit of relief. So come back next week and September and enjoy Guest Month!
User comments:
JPKeslensky (Guest)
See that bird up in the sky
dropped a turd into my eye
that will teach me not to peer
now clean it up, I'm out of here.
Funniest 'ick' I ever saw! XD