TRICK OR TREAT!!! PT. 6 (BF #366)
18th Oct 2017, 10:00 PM
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TRICK OR TREAT!!!  PT. 6 (BF #366)
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Author Notes:
Poor Snarty. His one long foot and lack of legs make it difficult for him to move swiftly. I'm impressed he can even afford a summer shell! Eline W. must have gotten him a very lucrative deal! And kudos to Bubble Fox for getting this far without tripping up in that extremely cumbersome banana costume! it can't be easy to move around in!

Well, another week has passed. Are there any other web comic celebrities for our determined duo to come across? Only one way to find out! Be sure to come back Tuesday for a very personable toon!
User comments:
JPKeslensky (Guest)
A snail leaves a trail as he skumbles
he never rushes or tumbles
He carries a shell
and is doing well
to get where he needs to go
he can't help being slow.