TRICK OR TREAT!!! PT. 9 (BF #369)
30th Oct 2017, 10:00 PM
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TRICK OR TREAT!!!  PT. 9 (BF #369)
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Author Notes:
How d'ya like that? Guess Snarty FINALLY made it to his summer shell and hooked Bubble and Pepper up with an insane amount of candy to replace the lost treats courtesy of Munchy's pumpkin spice bender! I guess all will end happily this week… Or will it?
User comments:
Gather ye children close and near
this night only comes once a year
Goblins and ghouls in mass appear
looking for treats and Halloween cheer.
Witches and warlocks riding on brooms
skeletons lounging around near their tombs
But the biggest fright of all soon appears
The smiling dentists with drills and sneers.