6th Nov 2017, 9:00 PM
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Author Notes:
Alright! It's new story time! Looks like Bubble takes the Thanksgiving holiday quite seriously! So much so that he even gave us a spirited intro! Who is this Pumpkin King? And why does he control time and temperature? Hell if I know? Bubble was just spouting gibberish! Good thing Pepper was there to scare him back on track! The boys got a lotta prep to do before Turkey Day hits! Come back Thursday to see how things go for them!
User comments:
JPKeslensky (Guest)
OK young turkeys all gather near,
we have a story that you need to hear,
as Thanksgiving time will be here soon
and you get ladled with a big basting spoon.
Tossed in a bag and stuffed in the end,
birds without feathers in need of a friend.
It's holiday time and your turn is near
so huddle in the corner and shiver in fear.

A turkey's life is one feeding
for food like grains there is no needing
the farmer wants the fowl to be fat
cause that's where the profits are at
all this is aimed at a single day
for farmers all do work for pay
You cook the turkey to eat on Thanksgiving
to help the agricultural lobby make their living.
--- to be continued ---
Darkhog (Guest)
Gosh, I really hope the turkeys in question are non-sentient or are real jerks so I won't feel bad about a fox and a dragon eating them.