22nd Nov 2017, 9:00 PM
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Author Notes:
Indeed it is a good thing Bubble pre-stretched all their bellies! Bubble, Willow and Pepper sure packed away the food this year! Hopefully next time they'll save some for later!

Today is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday! A day for turkey, family and the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon! Comedy Central may not like to honor their past anymore, but I'll never let a great tradition die! Can't do 30hrs straight anymore as my holiday responsibilities have increased a lot in the last 26 years, but I have plenty of Joel-era episodes to make for a nice in-and-out day zingers aimed at cheesy movies! Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Be safe, have fun, wear extra big pants and Heaven help those braving the Black Friday sales!
User comments:
JPKeslensky (Guest)
Take time today to be thankful for
All your friends and family too,
They hopefully are thankful for you.
Take time today to be thankful for
weekly webcomics by the score.
Take time today to be thankful for
the fact that you have finished eating,
Just in time to read this greeting.
Tony McGurk (Guest)
Stomach stretching does seem like a great idea. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia but I can give a try at Christmas
Did they stretch they bellies with helium like the turkey's did? lol!
Darkhog (Guest)
There are free classical animation tools available (which you might want to use as it makes it easier to make what Bubble does over something vector like Flash or Synfig) such as Krita or Pencil2d (Krita is kind of heavy so I'd suggest using the latter if you have a bad computer, bad in this case means less than 4 cores Core2Quad and less than 8gb of ram).

I mean, it would probably take a long time to make and may be a silent one if you won't be able to pay voice actors or find some that'd do it for free, but I think silent cartoons would fit Bubble.

Sorry for rambling, I hope you understood me and will consider doing it.
Darkhog (Guest)
Darn, it ate the title of the comment. The title was "Why don't you give an animated Bubble toon a go?"