1st Jan 2018, 9:00 PM
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Author Notes:
Welcome to 2018 CRAZIES!!! The Holidays sure hit hard last month, and I think we're all ready to get things started! And certainly no one is more ready to shake off some holiday rust than Bubble Fox himself, who seems to have put on a few pounds from all those christmas cookies he was eating! Now, you might say Bubble is mirroring a certain cartoonist who also may have indulged in a few too many holiday meals recently, but that would be just plain silly! Has Bubble gotten a bit hefty? Come back Thursday and see if he can squeeze out of his funk!
User comments:
J.P. Keslensky (Guest)
Each new year starts almost the same
looking in the mirror and feeling lame,
No exercise and too much food
often affects our new year's mood.
Resolute and full of hope
to action now an not to mope,
we put together a brand new plan
to lose the weight and take a stand.
---- Edgar Allan Polecat