26th Sep 2014, 11:00 PM
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Author Notes:
How d'ya like that? A double post today! Yup, the Helium Challenge is that darn cool I've posted about it on BOTH of my sites today! For a full explanation, check out www.jonscrazystuff.blogspot.com (Which likely won't link because Comic Fury is weird like that) and all will be explained! Big shout out to Warren Frantz, Ryan Klassen and Ben Starzec of OFF SEASON, CITY FOLK and DOGS, DUCKS AND ALIENS respectively for joining in on all the fun today!

In short though, the Helium Challenge works like this: You draw a cartoon with a Helium Gag, keep it PG (Family Friendly), and then challenge up to two other cartoonists in the last panel! There's no time limit and you DON'T have to be challenged to start! And don't forget to tag it #HeliumChallenge in you social media platform of choice!

Anyhoo, a New Bubble Fox story begins on Tuesday so start bracing yourself. It's gonna be epic!
User comments:
Just wondering, was this done by hand or on the computer (the windows look done usign software but the drawings within look somewhat hand-drawn)? If by hand, then what materials did you use?